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What is Links Protector? It is a free service that helps you protect your links from inconvenient people or automated robots with security such as Captcha and password.

we will convert your links to direct links that will act as autoforwarders to your original links. In addition, we optionally provide you with the ability to limited access to those direct links with a CAPTCHA or/and password.

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page. We also offer you the opportunity to shorten a long website address.

How Can I Protect URL on Links Protector? The easiest and most common way to Protected Links through our service is to go to our main page (home page), input your links in the text area (box) and press the “Protect your links” button.


This will generate a results page where several outputs will be listed, such as generated protected links, direct links and remove links. go to ‘Advanced Options’ on (home page) to set your settings before submitting.
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